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Wednesday, 14 April 2010

KP In Echo on RSS Ltd and a pinch of salt

I needed to get news out of Lincolnshire police spending £30,080 with RSS Ltd. So this letter is better than nowt.

Same issue elsewhere my comments on the salt supplies too.

1 comment:

  1. Pete, I heartily subscribe to your concerns. RSS is nothing but a a self interested action group taking money from poorly advised local authorities. They already had the services of ACPO should they have needed it, and at no extra cost.
    Perhaps the best to progress against this company is to flood the incoming government with complaints. I have already done it this side of the election but I doubt they have time to do much on the subject. What we need is someone to take a case to Judicial Review when they are found guilty by virtue of the biased an non impartial evidence offered by the expert witnesses from RSS.
    Another good move would be the voting in of Chief Constables and Commissioners so the public can make their views in a more direct way.