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Friday, 26 February 2016

NPCC & Roads Policing Chief still cannot bring themselves to say 'Dangerous Driving'

I have already been able to cite individual police forces who are determined to pretend that 'speeding' causes accidents and are simply unable to confess or admit that when speed is extremely high, it's dangerous driving not speeding. See N.Yorks Police cannot acknowledge Dangerous Driving

If these so called 'extreme speeders' crashed and killed anyone, the charge wouldn't be Death by Speeding' See the three offences of speed here.

Look at these Tweets here:
And This NPCC release It starts off:  

Speeding is an offence and officers will always seek to deal with it appropriately

But how soon it changes to talk about 'extreme speed' There is no such offence of extreme speed because the offence is dangerous driving. 
Suzette Davenport

This has been explained to Ms Suzette Davenport, Head of Roads Policing at NPCC in a carefully drafted appeal to police chiefs to be honest and trustworthy in the cause of road safety. See the appeal for honesty here  Well it seems that she is prepared to promote false speed comment based on a non legal term. The dangerous effect of this is to deflect from what actually causes accidents and focus on those causes. Of course it does promote the lucrative Speeding Industry, even though NPCC & Suzette now know that 'Speeding' can cause nothing.

We did put Suzette to the test to see if she was prepared to face truth honestly for the sake of genuine road safety. It seems that she is still encouraging deception. While she does so, dangerous drivers are only being treated as 'Extreme Speeders' What is the Act & Section used against extreme speeders Suzette?

It's about time Ms Davenport was stood down from a post for which she seems unable to understand the law and the objectives of it.

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