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Monday, 22 February 2016

Are vulnerable citizens being routinely arrested?

Image result for coventry telegraphYet again In this story here a citizen, who has been involved in a horrid accident, traumatised, in shock, and vulnerable, has been arrested.

Why is it that local media can tell us so much yet fail to establish an important aspect such as why a person has been deprived of their liberty under these dreadful circumstances.

'On suspicion of causing a death by dangerous driving' is merely the power of the arrest but not the reason or justification of it.

The reporters should at least ask the police and if they refuse to justify it, publish that fact at least.

It's always a worry when the report includes an appeal for witnesses which certainly adds to the impression of a premature arrest and then the immediate release on bail, as in this case, to a date several weeks hence.

Drivers can always be questioned under caution and interviewed later if necessary but how any comment, made when confused and in shock and trauma can be admissible in a subsequent trial is beyond me. Perhaps defence lawyers ought to start asking.

I have already raised the issue as to why the word 'accident' has been removed from Road Traffic Police vocabulary when road accidents fit the criteria of all recognised dictionarys and are still called accidents in the Road Traffic Act.See it all here.

I am already appealing to the NPCC to change this and police attitude towards drivers.See the full case here

One local paper has actually banned us for raising this, after complaints from the usual minority voices of the vicious anti driver cycling lobby.

See an example of the BBC cow towing to the same minority Here.

In the meantime, we can only advise arrested drivers not to comment at all about the accident without a lawyer present. Police will have to release them without comment at some point anyway. A court would understand shock and trauma under these circumstances. 

By the way, when stopped by police, unless arrested, don't allow yourself to be sat in a police car and especially not locked in. Always politely decline and if the weather is poor, invite police to sit in your car instead.  
Image result for lincs free press

Image result for lincs free press

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