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Monday, 29 February 2016

Why The Greens mustn't run our roads.

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Look at this story in the Derby Telegraph

I have no idea what isn't working at this bus stop. 450 drivers hit with fines by new camera at Derby city centre bus stop

However, if most of the fines are against people just dropping off passengers, then that would be unwarranted. 

But notwithstanding the bus stop issue, what does concern me is the justification given by Peter Robinson, Chair of the Derby Climate Change Coalition Group.  

He says: "anything which helps people to use buses has to be a good thing" He added: “We believe in having a good public transport system which makes it easier for people to get off the roads and move around so generally we support measures like this to improve bus lanes. “Transport like cars and aeroplanes create 80 per cent of greenhouse gases so getting people onto buses and trains makes an enormous difference. “There is an incredible amount that needs to be done to combat global warming and every measure like this to improve public transport helps.”

All of UK CO2 is only equal to less than 2% of all man made CO2 and by far the largest greenhouse gas is water vapour anyway. UK's cars only emit about 0.4% of man made CO2, which is incidentally a life giving and essential gas currently at an historic low. In any case, even Warmists are having to confess that there has been no warming for some 20 years.

What the Greens can't understand is that Derby, including its buses, depend on private motor cars to subsist.

What we cannot have is road traffic prosecution and policy based on bogus green anti driver ideology.

Its about time drivers voted out any local officials who support green anti driver policy including 20 MPH Zones, bus lanes, turn only lanes and cycle lanes on existing carriageway. Anti driver is so anti community. 

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