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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Beware of Expert Sources Ltd

There is nothing more dangerous in dangerous pursuits than non-experts calling themselves experts.

Very often someone calls themselves 'expert' when their CV really doesn't quite cut the mustard.

There were never so many as there are in the world of driving and road safety.

An ex Journalist & his wife dreamed up a little money spinner called Expert Sources, where, for a large fee, anyone can be registered on their database as an expert commentator on just about any issue. This information is then freely available to lazy journalists who cannot be bothered to find the real independent experts with no vested interest.

It appears that no qualification is needed to be quoted by the media, from this database, other than paying to be on it!!

How dangerous is that? Especially in the life & death issue of road safety and driving where, as we know, there are already far too many 'experts' meddling in our lives.

I did enter a dialogue with Bob, the co-founder to try to ascertain how, apart from the fee, his firm vetted the experts.

All I had was insulting diatribes trying to justify the scheme but no answers. The last exchange follows.

This is very definitely our final response.

It appears nobody is an expert in anything - apart from yourself.
Good luck to you.


Don't be silly. We have experts in sky diving, mountain climbing, use of firearms, deep sea diving and so on. All highly dangerous pastimes.

I have not promoted myself other than to ask you where do you define experts in dangerous activity apart from paying you a subscription? Do you seriously suggest that is enough to be directing the media in these life and death issues?

I have asked you to explain to me how you vet these 'experts' apart from their subscription to your organisation and you are unable to provide me with answers. Do the media know about this and understand it?

I am quite happy with my professional CV which is entirely appropriate in my subject which is driving, road safety, accident statistics and driver law. Please do tell me who you have listed in these matters as experts and precisely what their qualification is.



  1. So why not "register" as another person and see what happens. Let's see what they ask about your qualifications and their verification process. I suspect it's all a money making exercise. At least RSS experts who really aren't "impartial" do have some skills and training although they are not always relevant or truthfully given in court.
    I think the new Justice Secretary should be brought into the picture regarding RSS.

  2. They have admitted they don't vet their 'experts'.
    They just provide a disclaimer. So it seems that this story is just bringing their 'terms' out of the nether regions.

    However who would pay these sums if they did not have a profitable and vested interest? Not volunteers that's for sure.