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Monday, 14 June 2010

Driver's Retail embargo protest.

Complete the survey (Right).

Would you consider selective use of your car for three days if it didn't inconvenience you at all?

It is about time that our 30,million drivers demonstrated their power. Truth is if we all stopped doing it the economy would collapse and thousands more would die than are from any driving cause.

We are being mercilessly criminalised, over taxed, hampered and slowed by officialdom on the behest of profit and gain and to feed the public transport lobby too. Why? Because they pretend they are doing us a favour and not the other way around.

Perhaps it is time we showed how vital we all are!

Would you consider selective use of your car for three days if it didn't inconvenience you at all?

Excluding all those who drive for their profession for obvious reasons, I think we can still make an impact by avoiding use of our cars and motor vehicles where it would impact most. Retail parks, or Hypermarkets or filling up and non urgent garage servicing during those three days. Re-arranging our routine around the three days and avoiding the theatre or cinema or favourite restaurants etc.

By shopping locally and avoiding out of town precincts and retail centres which rely on the car during that three days.

Limited only by our imagination, we, as private drivers, could show what impact the driver can have without even using the professional wing of the driver army.

I am running a survey, (right) for a month to see if there is the will and the interest for it.

Keep an eye on how it is going and if it takes off, we will set the three days to run it.
Pass this on.

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