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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Crazy Parking Policy Hits The Golden Goose!

When will someone in Government realise that the driver is vital to our economy and that if they all stopped it would collapse?

Now councils as distant and distinct from Croydon to Newcastle, including places like Lincoln, are seeing the driver as the income source to offset the massive financial cuts they are being asked to make. But since when did a 'cut' mean charging people more?

Lincoln want £80 parking fines and Croydon want to extend the restrictions from 6p.m. to Midnight to pay for their largesse and spending habits.

Yellow lines are not about danger or obstruction councillors; kerb stripes and red lines are for that. Yellow lines are merely about about stopping people from using public roads for long term parking. Can't these officials understand that we need people to park on yellow lines to keep the system working and to employ their council parking attendants? Massive fines just frighten parkers away and then who pays for these attendants? The ratepayer of course!

To make the system pay, without crippling it and the driver, just recognise what the yellow lines are about and charge accordingly. Say double the council car park charge for the equivalent period. There is the deterrent and the system will be self financing without crippling anyone at all.

Any politicians listening to this out there? Don't kill the Golden Goose is the message.


  1. Maybe they have realised that the "driver is vital to our economy" and they are charging them accordingly.

    If you have a high number of drivers willing to carry on ignorantly flouting parking regulations, fine them.

    Of course those of us who are familiar with parking restrictions can carry on regardless and not be bothered in the least with fines.

    I really do not see your problem with this one.

  2. Yes rather like your attitude to safe drivers who you want penalised, as I explain, yellow lines are mostly not about danger or obstruction but simply anti parking. My problem is that the councils intend for them to be self financing to pay for the wardens. What is the point then of frightening the parkers away so that you the rate-payer will be lumbered with the cost? It would make better sense to have a deterrent but with a better turnover so that parking on a yellow line is more expensive than a car park. At £80 they will kill the Golden Goose.

    1. Antisocial parking is a huge problem which disproportionately affects those who do not drive, so I'm hardly surprised by your attitude towards it. Anyone too stupid to know not to park on double yellows deserves everything they get.

  3. We are not talking anti social here unless like a lot of people you just see cars as anti social. But on the contrary they are vital to our community. Without knowing your circumstances I am sure you really believe that you don't rely on cars and commerce at all. You do and that will become more apparent the older you get if not so obvious to you now.