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Thursday, 1 March 2012

New Police Commissioners. Drivers don't miss your chance.

Later this year you will be invited to vote for a local Police Commissioner. Don't let your massive 30 million votes miss the chance to make 2012 Driver's Year.

Believe it or not your car, and driving is one of the most important and valuable assets in your life so why not make them a priority when it comes to voting?

At the moment the anti driver anti car owner is in the ascendancy and drivers are being treated as the enemy of the state; not the valuable and struggling resource they really are.

Without you drivers, and your vehicles, the economy would collapse over-night and very soon, thousand would start to die from lack of basic needs. That is how important we drivers are to the community.

At the moment politicians are able to treat drivers as 2nd rate citizens. Why? Because drivers do not use their considerable power to ensure they get the priority they deserve. You can start to change all that.

Let's make sure that every Police Commissioner is pro driver. He will demand no more prosecutions of perfectly safe drivers based on flawed and profitable road safety. That speed limits have to be properly and justifiably set before police point their cameras and those which clearly show that they have been set too low, will not be supported by prosecutions until they have been corrected. He will expect police to only arrest drivers for prosecution if there is any doubt as to their identity otherwise proceed by summons; especially after a driver has been involved in the trauma of an accident. He will expect police to focus more on anti social crimes, like violent conduct, theft, burglary, robbery, criminal damage and street crime. 

That is the kind of policing and Police Commissioner most of the community would support. Now is your chance to make it happen. 

Drivers. Don't waste this vote; Make 2012 the Year of the Driver.

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