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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Carlton Reid & Anti Driver Brigade salivate over silly girl.

At last the anti Driver Brigade, led by such luminaries as the very anti driver cycling campaigner Carlton Reid, think they've found a real live genuine cycling hating killer in young Emma May who stupidly tweeted that she had knocked someone off their bike, adding 'she has right of way, they don't pay bloody road tax' and then 'Bloody Cyclists' 
Carlton Reid

We hold no mandate for such conduct or tweets but just let's look at the anti driver background to all this.
For some time a Twitter account styled Cycling Hatred has been posting supposedly genuine tweets from cycle haters containing anti cycling comment, abuse and threats. Of course Reid and his fellow travellers promote this as evidence of driver hatred toward cyclists on the basis that it must be drivers and if it is, the content is for real. Never mind that the evidence out on the road, no-one seems to be deliberately aiming at cyclists and murdering them either, is totally at odds with all this. But I can verify, and there is some of it on these pages, that hatred toward drivers is real, very dishonest and sly to the extent that yes The Cycle Lobby are very capable of inventing most of this bile for official consumption.

So back to Emma. Well she was tracked down immediately by the Spandex Taliban, her tweet forwarded to the local Plod, her company informed-she's now under investigation even though tweeting in a private capacity- her actions and picture went viral, and only after all that, did cyclists come forward and report an incident to police. Well of course that she was a blond was already in the public domain so yes the suspect was blond but how coincidental that her registration number wasn't in the public domain and so these cyclists didn't know it either nor the colour and make of car either seemingly! But she is already condemned world wide by driver haters and yet no-one has actually tied her to the alleged incident yet. Her twitter may have been as untrue as most of the other rants are.

Reid needs to understand the laws of libel since until charges & trial all this is still alleged and not proven.

Drivers we must make sure that Norwich Police are aware of all this and investigate fully and prove that this incident was real and if it were, that it was definitely Emma. If so, we have no sympathy for her but if this is another Pleb Gate style put up job then let's have the cyclists on the rack. One or the other please.


  1. Well there you go. The rude anti driver who wants to crucify drivers without trial. Say's it all!

    1. I think you're ridiculous and I drive a car. Feel free to call me "anti driver" though.

    2. Well you're the ones who say there's lots of idiot drivers out there so your point is?
      But also more evidence of where the hostility is directed at. It's drivers.

      But since you are unable to address the issues I raise and are confined to personal abuse, then clearly my case is a good one then. :-))

  2. How do you know Jackart is an anti driver? You seem to very quickly label people who disagree with you as anti driver, which is odd. It's like you are deliberately starting confrontation. I'm sure this is not you aim.
    The pejorative language you use detracts from the point you are trying to make - you would seem more credible is you didn't label people as 'spandex taliban' for example. Yes, this girl may have been joking, and the cyclist who was knocked off may not be connected. However, dismissing this out of hand is short sighted and makes you look aggressive/ anti cyclist.

    1. Anti driver is opposite to pro driver isn't it? Anyone who slags drivers off, wants them jailed, arrested, prosecuted unfairly is anti driver. Most cycle speak is anti driver, including wanting them slowed, curtailed, and road space taken from them.

      Why is being pro driver 'anti cyclist'. I am only pro driver. I don't rail and post against cyclists; I am one!

      Spandex Taliban is a twitter term for an easily identifiable type of cyclist with an attitude; especially against drivers, of which Reid is certainly one.

      So what are you suggesting? No-one should speak for drivers? No-one should address the demands of cyclists and put them into some sort of perspective? Into a context? Sorry. Some-one needs to!

  3. WAY to go Keith. We've been here before, you'll remember: regarding Steve/Chris Hoy ( It makes me wonder, are all your facts this, ahem, accurate?

  4. Ok so you're using a name mistake as evidence of wrong facts? Was the Hoy item incorrect in any way?

    So are you disagreeing that the police are investigating these allegations? To date there's no charges or established that the silly tweeter was actually in any accident yet? That the cyclists didn't report this until after it had gone viral, they didn't have details of the vehicle, and given this was a race, where are the other cycle witnesses?

    But I am keeping an open mind. However, isn't it good enough that I have said we don't support her silly tweet & if she did hit & run deserves all she gets. Now that is the only intelligent and professional approach to this. Carlton Reid and others have failed to engage their brains before opening their mouths & it seems we can add you to that list.

    Try to keep your head.

    1. I was using a pattern of mistakes - mistakes that i was able to recognise as such without any recourse to research, fact checking or other engagement of my brain. You should have been able to do likewise.

      I didn't disagree with anything (not that i don't disagree, but i didn't disagree in that message). She's innocent unless proven guilty, and i recognise and applaud your "If so, we have no sympathy for her" statement. I haven't been following the case in any detail. I haven't (knowingly) read anything Carlton Reid (a new name to me) has said about it. I'd seen a couple of things via twitter and i wondered whether you had anything to say on the matter. Lo and behold!

      Was she involved? I suppose you're right - at the moment we only have her word for it!

      It's late, but i don't follow what you're saying about the Spandex Taliban (nice!) not knowing her registration number or car make/colour. People can report her self-incriminating tweet to the police without needing to know any of that.

    2. Re the alleged accident. The point I make is that these cyclists and this alleged incident didn't get reported (invented?) until after her silly tweet went viral. An accident to fit the tweet? The Taliban reported the tweet to the police, looked her up & ID'd her and then brought her job into it. All that before two cyclists were found to match the tweet. Lo & behold, they described the blonde. I have warned the police to investigate this fully because cyclists cannot have it only their way. If Emma wasn't there then lets have the cyclists charged. Why no car description? What of the other racers there? So there's lots of questions to this.

  5. Last things first. This blog was in response to a mass of anti driver salivating by the Spandex Warriors. 'Spandex Warrior' saves having to explain the full demographic every time I write and paints an easy picture of the type. These people do not have the monopoly on spite, bile, vicious and personal comment that is in their tweets to me and about me. Luckily, and you prove the point, what I say is accurate and at least based on my qualification and professional expertise in the subject so I don't need to be personal. Spandex Warrior isn't personal. So you are unable to cite any untrue factual comments after all it seems? I'm always pleased about that. I am sure that if there were, I would be sued by now or at least having my statements blown up out of all proportion.

    Emmagate at the moment, & still no charges yet, is a construct then. You are clearly not aware of the vicious campaign to prove anti cyclist hatred that has been running, most of it manufactured & without foundation as I explain in the piece but you want to ignore all that side of it.

    Google Carlton Reid. He is currently the author of a new pro cyclist anti driver book, Roads Weren't Built For Motor Cars. Well they weren't built for cyclists either actually. Built by the Romans for armies (Pedestrians) and the forerunner to modern transport, non manpowered horse, chariots, carts, waggons, carriages, buggies and so on. He is a follower of anti road safety anti driver groups and a cycling doyen.