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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Please Don't Murder Me

Why has the Daily Mirror and the Birmingham Mail missed the obvious point about this article Please don't murder me ?

It's just as daft as a man running backwards and forwards over a live firing range shouting: 'Please don't murder me too'. See We call it 'Taking your life in your own hands' 

Cycling is for an unprotected human to be on two flimsy wheels, high off the ground and travelling at unnatural speed while mixing, mingling, exposing themselves to large moving essential machinery operated by complete strangers of varied ability and mental capacity.  

What on earth does the Mirror and Birmingham Mail think will happen?

Wouldn't the media be more responsible to suggest to this chap that he should perhaps consider not doing it any more? To accept that the problem with road cycling is the very concept of it? To ask why we are still encouraging it when history shows that when many more were cycling and far less were driving, many more cyclists were killed. See it here.

Well the drop in cycling in Birmingham, is mostly because 99% of people have no interest in cycling simply because its isn't a viable transport mode. All the subsidising and promoting of cycling is as pointless as promoting wind-farms: Most people will see through it and have no belief in it. Why on earth would people want to go backwards to the 1930s when more were forced to cycle, live near to work and relatives, carry heavy bags daily from the expensive local shopping parade and depend totally on public transport to go anywhere else and anything above suitcase size had to be delivered or collected by someone at a price? 

It's just a fad so perhaps Birmingham's falling cycling numbers is just the first to show it.   

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