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Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Aggressive Slow and passing places

One of the biggest killers is the overtake accident and yet, rather than attack the causes of this the worst kind of accident, both the officials of the DfT and Partnerships are more interested in punishment and blame. It is not their function to blame but to take sensible steps to curtail the carnage.

The formula is simple and self evident and goes like this: Reduce the need to overtake, lessens the overtake attempts and thus the overtake accidents. Pretty simple and obvious don't you think? Not if you're a Partnership or DfT official it's not!

So how do we do it? By checking out drivers who impose their speeds on others for mile after mile. They are at the head of a queue because all of the drivers who caught up with them were going faster and clearly are capable of doing so too given the chance.

The Partnership says no accidents are caused by slow drivers. Oh really? So these crashes occurred because someone overtook something going even faster then? How does that work then? And these are the people running road safety? Jeez.

I have been campaigning for these 'Aggressive Slows' to be dealt with and for passing places to be installed to justify it too by making it even harder for them to ignore their tailbacks. These blue signs are already accepted in Scotland. A Partnership bod lied to our Chief Constable that they were for opposing vehicles when they are quite specific.

Anyway I seem to have been succeeding as the black and white version has been appearing in Lincolnshire. These are on the A52 between Skegness and Boston. If you spot more please provide the details If they are adopted, we must ensure they are announced publicly and campaign for much more of them.

If you happen to be a patrol officer in a queue, perhaps you might like to query the lead driver about it.

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