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Friday, 5 March 2010

Follow the Goldmine Soundbite. Lord Faulkner.

Why do we elect MPs and have Lords all at great expense if they just parrot their officials? May as well disband Parliament and save money with just the officials then! The following to Lord Faulkner explains it all.

Thank you for your kind response of the 4th March, but I must persist on this life and death matter of road safety.

As a voluntary expert in driving and road safety, having achieved the highest driving qualification there is world wide, and having dealt with accidents, prosecuted them, provided the statistics for them, accident abstracts for the legal profession, please forgive me if I enquire who exactly in the Dft is actually such an expert or for that matter, from all the vested interest groups that supply you with your information?

I thought the whole idea of politicians and noble Lords is to be of the people and not the mandarins. Your response begs the question why have Noble Lords at all?

The figures you have been given are untrue. Death rates were already falling before we started criminalising people by the hundreds of thousands and your response takes no account of ABS, better cars, better roads, crush zones, better A&E, better emergency equipment and training. So has all that had no affect on figures as you are being told then? Lately, the good casualty results are being claimed as success too by the Industry; nothing to do with the massive fuel hikes and less mileage being driven then?

Also the figures quoted use regression to the mean and always include the subjective ‘serious injuries’ too. Let’s just focus on death, or fatal since that is the only objective definite figure. So ask the mandarins why they must always mingle and blur the realities? Not just with the casualties, but also with words that do not appear in the RTA, like ‘excessive speed’ for example. There is either speeding or dangerous driving. Speeding, the act of going above a number on a pole which cannot cause anything or dangerous driving, which includes too fast and which does cause accidents.

So I am afraid you are being seriously misled.

Speed kills, I have shown, is nothing more than an untrue and dangerous sound bite. It allows the lucrative Road Safety Industry to do exactly the opposite of preventing collisions and ignore the causes of them too. So ‘speed kills’ kills. The slogan should be ‘dangerous driving kills’ so why can’t you say that instead? Simple answer? Follow the Money Lord Faulkner. There is money in ‘speed kills’ the goldmine sound bite. And when that detracts from focussing on what does cause accidents, then people do die.

Please read this as a person of the people, your main function, not of the mandarins and profiteers.

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