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Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Lincolnshire & Nottingham Police pay RSS Ltd

You may recall the exposure of Road Safety Support Ltd on earlier pages. (See under the Speed Limits label 'ACPOs Little Helpers'). RSS ltd was set up by the serial speeder Ch Constable Meredydd Hughes to make money from drivers, who had the audacity to defend themselves. The RSS Ltd would supply alleged expert speed camera witnesses at a fee and then demand thousands of pounds of costs from the poor victim.

Do the police behave like this for really anti social offences too?

Well Lincolnshire Police have now paid out £35,080 of our money to RSS Ltd, & Notts Police this year alone £21731.50 for what exactly?

Driving above an arbitrary and unscientific number on a pole cannot cause anything, or 'owt' as we say in this God's Little Corner. So what is RSS Ltd for, apart from making about 3/4 of million a year ( My estimate) plus expenses from the beleaguered British Driver!!

The police are spending our money not to stop accidents. See our poll

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