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Friday, 10 December 2010

7th 8th 9th January Driver's year 2011

Would you consider selective use of your car for three days if it didn't inconvenience you at all?

Now fuel is at a record high with 150% Tax Markup.

It is about time that our 30,million drivers demonstrated their power. Truth is if we all stopped doing it the economy would collapse and thousands more would die than are from any driving cause.

It's simple. We all don't do something that we don't do most days anyway, but all don't do it on the same three days!!

We are being mercilessly criminalised, over taxed, hampered and slowed by officialdom on the behest of profit and gain and to feed the public transport lobby too. We are also sustaining an aggressive multi billion pound Road Safety Industry which dreams up more and more ways to criminalise us or take more money from us too. Then there are the £120 parking fines as well. Why? Because the authorities pretend they are doing us a favour and to drive is a 'privilege'. It is not. It's the other way around. We employ most of them. We pay most of them; if we didn't drive, many of them would be out of work and we are a massive lobby.

Perhaps it is time we showed how vital we all are then!

This would not inconvenience you at all. Here's How:

Excluding all those who drive for their profession for obvious reasons, the rest can still make an impact by avoiding use of our cars and motor vehicles where it would impact most. Retail parks, or Hypermarkets or filling up and non urgent garage servicing during those three days. Re-arranging our routine around the three days and avoiding the theatre or cinema or favourite restaurants etc.

These all have massive car parks because.....they need drivers....!!

By shopping locally and avoiding out of town precincts, retail centres and city shopping centres, DIY, theatres, cinemas and malls, all of which rely on the car, during that three days. It would be dead easy for you but a powerful message to business and politicians alike to support the drivers of this country.

Show them there is no bus or train carriage that can carry us and all the goods we need to get in our cars and that public transport can never be an option without private transport.

Limited only by our imagination, we, as private drivers, could show what impact the driver can have without even using the professional wing of the driver army.

Let's do it. 7th 8th & 9th January 2011 make 2011 Driver's Year. Pass it on. 07722917074


  1. Following the deaths of two underage drinkers ( PEDESTRIANS WHO FOR WANT OF A BETTER EXPRESSION, WHERE ARSEING ABOUT ON MAIN ROADS LATE AT NIGHT FOLLOWING AN EVENING OF ILLEGAL, UNDERAGE DRINKING) 'Brake " swung in to action and bombarded the local media with the usual garbage about lowering the speed limits on the roads where the accidents ocurred and putting up speed cameras.
    I tried to put the across the real view of what had happened but they were sucessfull in having my contributions to the forum on the local papers website removed. In fact they went so far as to request my being banned as I was questioning the fact that their claim to be a Charity was overshadowed by their statements which read more like party political broadcasts. Try it yourself next time you see a comment on a newspaper website by a ' Brake spokesperson ".

  2. Lack of comments shows a shamefull and disappointing apathy to the drivers strike idea. There is only one week left to get this off the ground so unfortunatly it ain't gonna happen. I personaly will endeavour to do as you ask for the three days but also I will be trimming my mileage by forward planning on what have in the past been unnecessary journeys. I'm determined these bastards are getting no extra tax off me. I think this campaign needs a higher profile, bumper stickers etc. Try again later in the year, especially just before the other planned tax hike in April..
    Regards and good luck. Terry Western

  3. Ah. Don't be so negative Western. You have commented and the timing for the Sunday Express item is perfect. A week is a long time in politics. Please write to your local radio stations and papers and post it on to your friends. Make it go viral.

  4. DK See the items on this Blog about BRAKE and a complaint to the Charities Commission and their response. Was your issue before or after that?
    BRAKE declare that they are a geen anti driver lobby when talking of 'getting drivers out of their cars' and 'Emissions'. So what has that to do with road safety? Sorry BRAKE are exposed by that alone.

  5. mightbuy ahorse but then maybe govenment will tax grass too

  6. Ok Ray but don't take it to a retail park next weekend