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Friday, 11 February 2011

Cameras kept. Fatals up 100%

This crash increased the road death in Lincolnshire to 8 this year compared with 4 over the same period last year.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership have been resolute in keeping speed cameras and promoting their coercive Speed Awareness Courses for money.

So please excuse us for announcing this statistic. Lincolnshire keep cameras and death goes up 100%.


  1. Would it be reasonable to compare 1 month this year with one month last year?

    If so why?

  2. Fair question FRC. Yes it is. Because not only is it the truth, it is also in the context of their policy on cameras where they themselves continually quote irrelevant figures like the increase of speeding at sites where their cameras are unfixed etc.

    Of course the story is that fatals are double over last year at the moment but I have simply joined, an otherwise forgotten, story of their unbending camera policy to these figures.

    Of course we will see how things pan out but at any stage 100% rise says little about their cameras at any point doesn't it?

    In short: Why can't we play their game their way? Is the question.

  3. The answer would be, in my opinion, because it is pointless and shows that little thought has been put into it by you beyond attempting to grab a cheap and meaningless point.

    If you want to look at Jan to Jan figures then do that for the last 10 or 20 years to see if the change from 4 to 8 is significant in any way. I haven't looked at the figures but I would say, with a great deal of confidence, that when you do that you will find that what has occurred between Jan 2010 and Jan 2011 is completely meaningless as a statistic.
    I would also venture to say that you either know that and care little for your own integrity or you do not know that so know little about fatal road casualty statistics.
    Which is it?

  4. First it shows you understand little of politics FRC. Far from being a 'cheap point' it is a factual one. My points are never expensive because unlike those you defend, I don't get paid for making them.

    You also understand little of me as you would know that I have been tracking accident and casualty rates since 1976 and can show they were dropping massively until the advent of partnerships and their cameras when it all flat lined and often went up too. Of course 1 month proves nothing FRC, but a week is a long time in politics my friend.

    The simple fact is that I have got it right. Cameras do not see one single accident causes and are based on totally arbitrary speed limits. How I demonstrate that is academic.

  5. It is plain to me that you "demonstrate" nothing in the way of road safety or expertise in casualty reduction.
    Your claims about the causation of collisions in respect of speed are facile and have very little meaning. It is a great shame that there may be someone stupid enough in politics to pay heed to you. Thankfully there is little political gain to be made by those of political influence so for good or bad reasons you will most probably be ignored as vexatious or an eccentric.

  6. Sticks & stones FRC. I really love to have my ideas tested and appreciate your input.

    So that is the best that can be produced by those who wish to intimidate and prosecute the perfectly safe driver and making a huge profit from road safety that is actually killing people too?

    Luckily for me there are 30,000,000 drivers out there and all I need to do is please most of them. It is not a popularity contest for me. It is about life and death and unfair prosecution. You have a problem with all that?

    I will now circulate your input so that drivers can read what the establishment are saying about me.