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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lincolnshire's Ex-cess-ive Speed again.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spoil their Operation Octane initiative for motorcyclists by using the extra syllables of a non legal term 'excessive speed' that has been slammed in a road safety report. It doesn't exist in law and is always used to confuse 'speeding' with dangerous driving says the report: The Three legal States of Speed.
  • Is this initiative to focus on the motorcyclists who ride too fast or dangerously?

  • What does the Partnership mean by 'excessive speed'? Usually the authorities just mean in excess of the speed limit by use of this confusing term when everyone else thinks they mean 'too fast'.
  • Do they mean 'speeding', including those who just quite safely stray by 'error' over the limit as most of their 'speeders' do? If so they should say so.

DEM asks that officials stick to the appropriate and only legal and official states that apply. 'Speeding', dangerous or careless. They point out that these also contain less syllables so to choose a confusing non-legal, four syllable term, ex-cess-ive speed, seems almost deliberate.

Is Operation Octane about the 'too fast' (dangerous) riders or perfectly safe accidental 'speeders' again?

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