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Monday, 25 July 2011

Driffield 20 MPH idiocy from non experts.

Councillor Paul Rounding.
Broadcaster David Burns
I was invited to comment on David Burns' BBC Humberside Radio Show about the call for more 20 MPH zones in the Driffield area and listened to the rationale, being advanced by an ex mayor of Driffield, one councillor Paul Rounding. 

It is absolutely unbelievable how, as we keep observing, that, when it comes to any other dangerous activity, we defer to experts but when it comes to road safety, driving, prosecution and hampering of drivers, any Tom, Dick and Harry is given so much authority. This is such a case.

Basically the councillor's only rationale is that: 'We have got these 20 MPH's everywhere else so let's join them up'. Oh right; on that basis the whole world will be one joined up 20 MPH zone and then we will start on 15 MPH ones will we? He had no figures but relied on the simplistic sixth form logic: 'Make everything slower and all will be much nicer'. But it costs a fortune to slow road transport. About £3 billion pounds a year for every 1 MPH too slow. Surely, as a socialist, he would prefer to have that sort of money, about £30,billion a year in the NHS really saving lives or in social services? No he revealed his real dislike for drivers by talking of an aim to 'pick the motorist off' as he put it. Well Driffield, here is a politician who hasn't realised that all of his voters are drivers or depend on drivers when he is thinking of overslowing you and indeed wanting you prosecuted too.

Councillor: If you want to know why and how your policy will cause more accidents please do look at Dangerous 20s Kill Kids. When you have done that you will then have a much better idea of the subject. 

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