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Monday, 18 July 2011

Another charity likes safe drivers prosecuted.

Yet another charity, CRIMESTOPPERS, supports the prosecution of perfectly safe drivers with a £1000 reward to help catch Speed Camera Arsonists. See: Linconshire Echo story 

Whilst we do not support any crime or condone arson, which is one of the most serious of crimes, we have to ask why yet another charity, CRIMESTOPPERS, is keen to use our money to support the prosecution of perfectly safe drivers with their £1000 reward for speed camera arsonists?

Surely we, who pay for these charities, would rather our money were spent on other types of criminal activity and are not overly concerned about speed cameras. After all, the speed camera suppliers at £40,000 a piece and those that maintain them, as well as the well remunerated chaps in the Road Safety Partnership, should be able to stump up £1000 between them if they are that concerned. Why do we need a charity to do it?

Here's our response:

Echo 26th July 11

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