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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Karl Turner a legend in his own mind?

Karl Turner, a Hull MP whos Bill to jail drivers for seven years on mere hostile perception of their driving, no accidents and no injuries involved and who was forced to withdraw it for the nonsense it was, is boasting that he has now been voted by Brake as their Parliamentarian of the Month. This then shows the logic, or dishonesty, of this claimed 'road safety' charity with no expertise in the matter at all. No Mr Turner, apart from the jailing, your proposal was nothing at all like the Bill now being framed was it?  So why are you and Brake
trying to pretend it is? 

He told BBC Radio Humberside that he needs cameras and tickets to keep himself law abiding which is an astounding admission for a law maker. Most of us manage to be lawful by.................just being lawful actually MR Turner.

It is no surprise to us that an anti driver lobby would canonise an MP who wants to jail drivers, his own constituents for nothing but hostile perception, but Mr Turner, in taking no heed that most of his constituents are drivers or certainly depend on drivers, is delighted to offend them further by aligning himself with the most illogical and anti driver lobby there is it seems. Or is it that he can't resist an award. 

It is also no surprise that the award is sponsored by  Direct Line Insurance too. Their vested interest in all of this could stem from the fact that by slowing everything up there is less paying out to do and by giving people points they raise the premiums so cameras and penalising safe drivers is win win for them. More premiums for less payouts. Or have we got that wrong then?

Well drivers. Take their names. Karl Turner MP don't vote for him again and as for Direct Line? What do you think we would suggest for you? 

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