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Monday, 21 November 2011

Tolled Express Lanes. Virgin Roads?

Quoted in the Daily Mail Today and on LBC Nick Ferrari Show re privately funded tolled Express Lanes.

It is very difficult to be negative about the idea of new sections of road that will not cost the UK driver more of his money to build if it relieves existing roads but we believe that drivers are paying eight times the driver taxes needed for good roads anyway. So why should any new road need to be tolled? 

The price will need to be pitched high enough to keep ordinary drivers off it most of the time or it will get jammed up and become counter productive for its objective. So most drivers will not be able to or choose not to use any tolled sections anyway.

It concerns us that, having paid all the tax, it creates a them and us for drivers with most being excluded.

It also concerns us that any tolling could be a thin edge of the wedge for the introduction of general road pricing too.

So we have very mixed feelings about this idea.   Another Virgin enterprise maybe? 

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