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Thursday, 1 December 2011

Another Poll of the inexpert by the inexpert

Rias' very long report, which could be taken seriously by MPs (it was an MP asked for our view) written by an academic and may have far reaching effects on our economy and drivers is very interesting but the pointless report of an academic; not a driving or road safety expert.

A report on driving options and ageing.
Two points: 

  1.  This is largely based on surveys of non experts by non experts. That does not make for good road safety. Driving & road safety simply cannot be based on inexpert consensus and that is what has been happening too much already. How will 45 year olds, who are not driving experts, imagine how sharp they are going to be at 65/70/80? They cannot so why survey them? 
  2. Again I repeat. After three hundred billion driver miles a year, there is less death from accidents on the road, from all causes, than from accidents in the home! 50 Times less death than from newsagents selling fags. So what's the issue?
 Insurance companies have a vested interest in income from road safety and should never have any credence because of it. They are not independent or without vested interest. Please make these points to MPs. The UK driver, young and old is doing very well. Whatever this survey cost, drivers paid for it and it is just one small part of the multi billion pound industry which is not altruistic and actually deprives life saving in NHS, Emergency Services, A&E etc from badly needed funds. So this inexpert report of inexpert views costs lives indirectly.

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