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Saturday, 15 August 2015

So even Chris Boardman cannot provide reasoned justification for hampering essential infrastructure.

We are about road safety & drivers. There should be nothing to detest and dislike about that, unless of course you are a keen cyclist and cycling lobby promoter.

There is currently a video doing the rounds, promoted by the Guardian and the left wing elitists, 

 produced by a non expert in driving telling us how to pass cyclists. Watch the video It lauds the absolutely ridiculous, subjective and unworkable rule 163 of the Highway code. See it, and my workable alternative rule here Blaine Walsh is described as a 'Master driving instructor' In the video. Is he an ex class one police advanced driver or just someone who has passed civilian tests? Well his understanding of road reality and citing a nonsense rule would suggest he's no expert. He actually considers passing a group of cyclists at a point where it would be illegal anyway.  

In 2014 The Transport Select Committee, under Louise Ellman MP, sat and heard the cycle lobby, including Chris Boardman,
and its demands for £10 a head annually from every man, Jack of us without ever asking 'why must we have road cycling if it has so many issues?' before awarding them the money, £650 million per year. Not one of the committee asked why we must allow people to expose themselves to hamper and impede major infrastructure in a way we would never impose on rail or air infrastructure for pure road safety reasons. See the report on this here. They have now got their £650 Million a year based on no reasonable questions of them, and now drivers are being hampered with its use, as in the construction of 'cycling super highways' 99% don't need yet must pay for.

It is clear, from this latest demand, that it will become virtually impossible to ever pass a cyclist legally if they get their way on this one too. And, so far, not one politician seems to have the guts to face up to this very aggressive and persistent minority of self interest that none of us need.  

Who, in Parliament is going to stand up and represent genuine road safety and the rest of us who know that cycling is not a viable transport mode and put this loud minority in its place?

Now I have flushed out Chris Boardman himself- the cycling marketeer with vested interest- and my question to him and the Guardian, 'Why must we have road cyclists?' Seems to have stumped him.

But why on earth are the IAM
supporting Boardman and the elitists? Aren't they supposed to be for drivers? Can't they see rule 163 is unworkable? In the name of road safety, do they really want drivers to be faced with unnecessary road hazards and liabilities? Don't tell me that they are going to run 'How to Pass Cyclist' courses - for pure altruistic road safety reasons you understand- next? 

Drivers wake up. Get your MPs to stand up to all this nonsense.

And here in these tweets you see that even Boardman cannot answer a fair question. 'Why must we have road cyclists?' Is no-one supposed to ask?

5 a side football teams pay taxes but we don't allow it in the road Chris.

On matters of health see We challenge BMA & BMA says 'cycling death is worth it'.
On Elitists running our roads. See 

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