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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

20 Zones counter productive for schools.

I am totally against 20 MPH compulsory limits outside schools. 

I prefer that drivers drive to the circumstances and select their own speeds which will, more often than not, be lower than 20 MPH. In fact, when passing a school at school  times, 20 MPH can be too fast.

In a 30 MPH limit, a driver passing a school at 30 MPH may not be breaking the limit but could be charged with dangerous driving were there to be an accident. That is less likely if the authorities have taken responsibility away from drivers, imposed a 20 limit and an accident occurs at 20 MPH. It's the dumbing down effect of putting up a sign implying that 20 MPH is safe. One can hardly then charge a driver who has complied. What will certainly happen, as in all 20 zones, because of dumbing down, average speeds will increase. 

Then of course is the knotty problem of a 20 MPH limit in operation 24/7 365 days a year. Schools do not operate over those periods. Would it be fair to prosecute drivers for exceeding 20 MPH at 3 am on Christmas morning?  

There is nothing wrong with the school zone 20MPH advisory system. Oh yes they are not mandatory and exceeding 20 MPH at school times may not be speeding, but it could still be dangerous driving. So be warned. These 20 Limit advisorys still have a punitive power. Killing a child while exceeding an advisory limit could still result in 14 years in jail.  

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