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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Jenny Walton The Humber Toll heroin

Jenny Walton. HAAT
At a time when The Valleys have just demonstrated, yet again, the stoicism and strength of the Welsh, one of their daughters, the indomitable Jenny Walton of H.A.A.T (Humber Action Against Tolls), faces a massive set-back after years of solid campaigning for the Humber Region's people. 

Having enticed, pleaded and cajoled all unitary bodies, politicians and businesses  to be united in their approach to Government for lower or even no Bridge tolls, she and they, have been effectively slapped in the face by first an unsympathetic public inquiry and now the Government's ready acquiescence to its findings. The story of despair is here  

Let's be clear. This is a Government that promised to 'end the war on the motorist'. So far, as our followers know, they are not keeping to that promise. 

We know Jenny Walton would not expect any favours for who and what she is. Only those of us privileged to know her can verify how hard the campaigning is for her and that it carries her own personal road tolls.

We know it is tough Jenny but it's what keeps you going. Don't give up. Just know this: all drivers agree with you.

Stop the war on the motorist E Petition. Sign here.

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