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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Uninsured drivers. Call for stiffer penalties.

Karl Mc Cartney MP

Edmund King
It seems that MP Karl MacCartney's call for stiffer penalties for uninsured drivers is gathering some momentum. I was invited to appear with him and Edmund King, President of the AA on BBC Midlands Politics Show for Saturday the 17th (or is it Sunday the 18th September?)

It is my belief that to knowingly and deliberately drive uninsured is far worse than being a natural and accidental poor driver.

You will all know that I am against the punishment of perfectly safe drivers and indeed am against imprisonment for driving full stop. No-one sets out to have an accident, unless they are suicidal that is and bad drivers are usually naturally bad; in fact most bad drivers think they are pretty good in my experience. So driving without insurance without any care or consideration for others, to my mind, is one of the very worst of driving offences. The idea that a young person can be maimed for life, needing constant care until they die, or that so much damage can be caused by someone who doesn't care a jot about compensation and reparation to their victims appalls me. That punishments have been so low makes matters even worse. The Motor Insurance Bureau pays out something but that then is added to all of our premiums so we all finish up paying more.

The mind set.
But it is the mind set of someone who is prepared to drive a chunk of heavy hardware among other humans without 3rd party cover that is the most worrying aspect for me. That sort of person will not worry about bald tyres, MOT, servicing, maintaining vehicles or worse, their manner of driving either. To be reckless in any part of driving means they will be reckless throughout. That mind set is one where, if there were a psychological element to the driving test, they would fail it. In other words they should never be allowed to drive on public roads ever. With that in mind, I told the viewers that on first conviction there should be a large fine and a lifetime, yes a lifetime driving ban. I believe this would deter most from doing it. For those stupid enough to do it again, a long jail sentence would  then be entirely appropriate.

Well look out for it on Saturday/Sunday.  

What do you think?

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