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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Why we shouldn't respond to naivety.

Look at the pictures in this Evening Standard story Isn't this the way that the ban the bombers, anti hunt, anti fracking green left loonies make their points? Laying in roads etc? Usually, without doubt, they all have in common a kind of delayed student naivety that they never ever grow out of. A very dangerous breed, often sporting some degree or another but the worst kind of idiots; those who think they're clever. Another common thread is that they all come from a minority and cyclists are in a tiny minority for sure.

If one needs further evidence of how naive and stupid these demonstrators are is that they think that being exposed on two flimsy wheels in the middle one of the busiest roundabouts in the world is a great idea.

Rule 77 of the Highway Code, if common sense isn't an option, advises cyclists to walk around such dangerous places or use subways. But these Super Brains believe their right to cycle comes before their personal safety at all times. 

Isn't all this a good reason why we must treat them as the adolescents they really are and take matters out of their hands?

Every newspaper and politician who encourages and lauds cyclists like these, instead of blaming drivers, should look to their own consciences the next time one is killed or maimed on our roads.

Before we spend millions on keeping cyclists happy and many more millions hampering essential road traffic, is anyone going to simply advise them to get off their bikes and walk around these dangerous places? Why on earth not? Millions spent on cyclists and roundabouts is millions less for the NHS, A & E and emergency services where it would be better spent. 

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