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Monday, 14 July 2014

If you can't take the heat Vanessa, leave our Twitter alone.

A Troll
Oh dear. What a hoo ha from Vanessa Pheltz about a few troll nasties on her Twitter account.

Now she and the Daily Express are demanding, yes demanding that there be an emergency whinge button that any of us may press when we are offended by someone else on Twitter and think they are having a go at us or picking on us.  This will cause Twitter or FB to immediately investigate each case and then bar the offender for life.

As a person who has far more of my share of anti driver, anti road safety, pro cycling and Lycra clad trolls of my own - there are actually three parody Twitter accounts for me last time I counted- I can certainly vouch for genuine hatred and bile directed at me, just for being pro driver which translates to anti cyclist in some eyes.

Now bearing in mind that Vanessa is a top journalist and seems to be on our TVs far too much, she had stuck her head above the parapet, after the sentencing of that horrid man Rolph Harris, added her name to the list of those now falling out of every nook and cranny of woodwork, to claim that she was one of his victims. Well perhaps, had she spoken up at the time instead of thinking of her career, there may have been less victims but hey ho. So now, being on Twitter, she was a victim of 'Vile hatred' & 'misogyny' on Twitter.  Samples she gives are ' If Rolph actually did grope Vanessa instead of being incarcerated he should be sectioned' That's humour Vanessa; albeit at your expense. Then 'VF claims Harris groped her; surely he has standards' That's humour too Vanessa. And 'RH groped VF? Really does someone need publicity?' A fair observation and question and all of them very mild too. Come on Vanessa, you're a big girl and can't surely think you are loved by all. I have always wondered what your talent is and why I have you foisted on my life so I expect that this dislike of you may well outstrip your popularity. Don't forget we are all paying for your five star life that's in ours far too much so don't be so sensitive about a few apt barbs and shots at you. My work is totally voluntary and at my own expense, and the language directed at me makes your examples seem like a church morning service.

But I regard all this Twitter activity about me as a measure of success. I am really getting my messages out there and the fools are spreading it further too so I love it. When I'm inundated with successful loan applications I haven't made, then I know lots of people don't like what I'm doing because they are the very people I am putting the spotlight on. The profiteers, the ideologists, and the vested interests of bogus road safety.

The problem with the Daily Express and Vanessa Feltz idea is that the very same trolls will push the 'shut down' button on Vanessa and people just like me so who is supposed to adjudicate on these millions of falsely and maliciously generated cases? It's an impossible task. There is a block account option Vanessa so why didn't your paid assistants - surely you don't have time to scour all of your incoming mails and tweets yourself- just block them? Why did they even tell you about them if you are so sensitive that you are now demanding the effective closure of a wonderful medium? Not another publicity stunt Vanessa surely?

You need to have a thick skin for Twitter but if not and your skin is too soft and pinky, just stay off Twitter. You didn't need to be on Twitter VF and most of us wouldn't have missed you anyway..

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