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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

North Yorks to up profit against perfectly safe drivers

As an ex cop, prosecutor and 1st class advanced police driver and motorcyclist I can verify that 'speeding'- to exceed an arbitrary and unscientifically set  number on a pole- picked by non experts and politicians-cannot actually cause anything to happen. I can also verify that most speeding is caused by an inappropriately set limit, or enticing road layout or both. This is likely where we have high offender sites without the accompanying crashes to go with it. If these were accidents, would police just pitch up with cameras and take pictures or find out why and sort it?

So isn't prosecution also important for those involved? If there are high offender sites without crashes then there is something wrong at the site. Don't let's just mercenarily let it go on and take the money, find out why. It is worsened when those entrapped are offered a let off for payment of a course. Any payment not to a court, and often to a limited company for reduction of penalty is pure corruption and no incentive to correct the problem. You want dishonesty? These cameras only measure speed so why spin that into 'Safety Cameras' they cannot measure safety. It's the language of the snake oil salesmen. That it is police using it is appalling.   See the paveway to profit here.

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