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Friday, 4 July 2014

Why speeding happens.

The police and the authorities, to justify their 'speeding' profiteering, must pretend that all speeding is intentional. If not so, then there has to be a problem at the site and that is usually incorrect setting of speed limits or a deceiving layout problem. 

But when there is a very high generation of speeding offenders surely that is evidence that the system is failing isn't it? If cameras are generating many thousand of offenders then that camera is a failure isn't it? But all this is covered elsewhere on Drivers' Union web site. Suffice to say prosecuting people maybe a profitable game for police and local authorities but not if on the wrong end of it. 

How many people do you know who deliberately go out to speed? To break any law? I don't know any do you? So the rationale of the police and the authorities is completely blown then!

If there were thousands of accidents, death and injury at one site, would the authorities just ignore it and take pictures or find out what's happening and correct it? Well then there is no excuse for their mercenary attitude towards speeding prosecution either.

But apart from faulty layouts and or limits, there is another very good reason why people inadvertently speed or miss signs.

On any drive, drivers are literally making thousands of decisions most of which are subconscious. We don't actually think of increasing accelerator pressure or decreasing it with every little incline. The car drives itself round bends by means of a series subconscious adjustments and the same with brake application too.What the driver is doing first and foremost, as all experts would wish them to do, is driving to the road and through their windscreen. So it is the road that is governing much of their decision making process. If a road deceives drivers in that little extra squeeze on a pedal, that will be reflected in 'speeding' numbers and so needs remedy. Thus a speed limit, and more especially, speed limit signs are nowhere near the top of the priority list among the many thousands of infinite decisions a driver must make on a drive. The fact is they are human and get things wrong all the time.

Society should be making a greater effort to assist them with their decisions by reminders, correctly set limits, and in every respect try to avoid prosecution for human error.   .  

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