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Friday, 10 October 2014

Amateur Anti People People want to cripple road transport.

 Much is being made of rural road fatalities. 'Three a day' they exclaim. In this Mail on Line piece. So let's start by getting road death in perspective shall we? See the list here. But for now there are about 4000 people killed every year from accidents in the home alone. A total of about 2000 a year from every cause on the roads after 300 billion driver miles a year.

And when they talk about 'rural roads', let's be clear, they are talking about all of UK's trunk routes, including dual carriageways, not just country lanes. 

The economic cost of hamstringing a major infrastructure, more spent on camera profiteering and dishonest courses, would save far more lives if in the NHS, and rescue services.

Who are these people? Who is Liz Brooker?
Well all she is is one of the local authority road safety managers we have exposed already with no credentials in the subject at all. Top road driving qualification? No. Dealt with accidents? No. Prosecuted from accidents? No. Investigated accidents? No Do read more about RSGB Ltd here

The AA are cited as a 'motoring organisation' in the piece, but my followers will know that like Liz, they have no credentials either
 and how does fixing cars, fixing plumbing and selling insurance, make them a motoring organisation? In fact, on the contrary, their President told a Select Committee that he wanted more motorists prosecuted and more sent on lucrative and dishonest speed awareness courses that the AA run too.

This is nothing to do with road safety, any more than the 20 zones being rolled out countrywide. It's part of the Green anti people agenda with the usual profiteers licking their lips in the background and for those reasons makes no economic sense whatsoever.

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