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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Why no parliamentary drivers group.

There are some 620 All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) in Westminster covering subjects like, every country in the world and things as diverse as cycling and boxing, autism, the Baha'i faith, aviation, several on rail travel and even Bingo but not one for the 35 million UK drivers and the 60 million who depend on them. See the full list here.

Oh yes the anti driver is well represented in spades. In fact, the nearest one for drivers that we could find called the APPG on Motors, is sponsored by people who are not pro driver such as The RACF. Read RACF nonsense here and The Society of Motor Manufacturer's & Traders who make lots of money from the legislation emanating from anti driver nonsense and inappropriate legislation of drivers too. The one on Motors is even to co host a talk by that doyen of cyclists the anti driver Carlton Reid He thinks roads weren't for cars 

We have found a very unhealthy link with this APPG and Road Peace, yet another anti driver amateur charity, whose founder is, yes you have guessed it, already an MBE via an APPG that screams out for more driver incarceration and jail. See  Oh who's on that one? No less than  Caroline Dinenage who was recently screaming in Parliament for more jail for accidents  Read about it here.
So now we know what's going on drivers. This is why, up to now you are pilloried, over-taxed, prosecuted in your many thousands, why road safety is based on profit and ideology and on the whim of minority lobby groups and more than anything, a probable reason why my efforts are being marginalised, ignored and even ridiculed. See who supports an anti driver imaginary doggy.Every Tom Dick and Harry has a voice in Parliament except UK's 35 Million drivers and those who support them. And worse still, anti driver groups who enjoy charity status are actually being allowed to fund anti driver APPGs with the charity money too.

We must take amateur charity out of road safety influence. And we must push for a totally dedicated solely for UK drivers APPG too.

We can do it.

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