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Monday, 6 October 2014

Boardman does it again.

Chris Boardman
In this Sun article
 Chris Boardman, who manufactures and sells expensive push bikes says that the NHS should buy thousands of bikes and then hand them out on prescription to the obese.

What a surprise. Doesn't a financial vested interest rather undermine Chris' motives somewhat? Most of our 65 million people don't road cycle because it's had work, uncomfortable, highly dangerous and as a transport option, unviable. The fact is, the more that do it, the more killed or seriously injured by it so there are much healthier ways of getting exercise anyway.

 I have already raised questions about his evidence to a Transport Select Committee, who have endorsed his request for £10 a head from all of us (Some £600million plus) to promote cycling, See The Cheek of Chris Boardman but how brazen can he get?

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