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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Academics, vested interests and ideology but who will programme driver-less cars?

Look at all these professors and no top drivers to talk about driver-less cars to a select committee. So what level of driving will they be programmed to? Certainly not the most progressive and efficient. Will we re-set speed limits to being most efficient for them?

What is the road transport ideology or vested interests of these academics? Won't that affect their evidence?

Will this committee fail to ask obvious and relevant questions as they did here?

Take control of our transport modes and that means taking control of us too.

Keith Peat ;
Transport Committee
Select Committee Announcement
19 November 2014
For Immediate Release:                                              SCA 042/2014–15
Oral evidence SESSION – Motoring of the future
·         The Transport Committee
Monday 24 November 2014, Room TBC

4.05 pm
·         Professor Eric Sampson, Visiting Professor Newcastle University
·         Andrew Miller, Chief Technical Officer, Thatcham Research
·         Darren Capes, Transport Systems Manager, City of York Council
4.50 pm
·         Richard Cuerden, Technical Director for Vehicle Safety, Engineering and Assurance, Transport Research Laboratories
·         Professor Oliver Carsten, Professor of Transport Safety, Leeds University
·         Professor Pete Thomas, Professor of Road and Vehicle Safety, Loughborough University
This is the third evidence session in the Transport Select Committee’s Motoring of the future inquiry. The session is likely to focus on how new safety technologies will affect road users, pedestrians and insurers.

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