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Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Another court gets it right but why put drivers through this?

Again a court sees through the attempt to incarcerate drivers for a dangerous scenario that society allows and encourages See the story here. 
 'Mr Searle had fallen off his bike on the B4368 between Craven Arms and Bridgnorth after clipping the wing mirror of Mrs Willocks’ red Kia,' 
Says the report. So a cyclist clips your wing mirror, falls off, gets killed and you are now looking at jail time?

'Constable Ian Edwards, a collision expert for West Mercia Police, said sunlight would have been shining directly into the eyes of drivers travelling eastbound on the road on the day cyclist Mr Searle was killed.'

The cyclist had been hit by a further two vehicles whilst laying in the road. But why? Clearly there was a common problem existing at the site, and that may well be the sun light exacerbated by glare from a wet road.

But look at the picture of the road. Anyone walking, cycling or riding a horse on the driving side of that road would be risking a serious accident. 

We must review what roads are primarily for and I suspect that is exactly what the courts and juries are doing already. See another such case

It's about time our politicians addressed this reality too. Scapegoats don't bring back the dead.


  1. Actually, that was not the case at all, the first driver hit the cyclist which threw him to the ground causing severe head injuries, he was then run over a further 2 times and then a MOTORIST who stopped to help was ALSO severely injured by yet ANOTHER person who was NOT driving to the conditions, if you can't see, you damn well STOP.

  2. Of course drivers stop if they cannot see. It would be suicidal not to. But it never happens like that. Rounding a bend or topping a hill and there's the Sun and a cyclist in the road all simultaneously. But you still want to blame drivers instead of accepting that cycling is a great risk. At least I care enough to face that reality. You want to defend a dangerous hobby even if putting kiddies in danger too. Ok. Keep doing it but don't try to stop me warning people or defending drivers.