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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Cyclist's rule to impede & frustrate other road users? Do we need them?


In this story Cyclists are encouraged, by The Government no less, to use their bodies to impede and obstruct essential infrastructure.

Let's face it, driving and drivers are very much part of our infrastructure.

Without going into detail, this long piece written by cyclists for cyclists by something called the The National Standards for Cycle Training, tells its students to actually prevent drivers from passing or making progress by deliberately obstructing them with their own bodies. 'Dare to pass me and if I die it will be your fault'. They claim that drivers are very happy with that. Oh really? On the basis of what survey question was that statement made?

I have queried this: As an ex police class 1 advanced driver and road safety expert, I am disturbed that you are publishing advice which seems to be that people should use their unprotected bodies to deter motorists from passing them when cycling. To maintain a position in the road, contrary to other advice to all road users to keep to the left, but instead to deliberately impede and obstruct other road users.

I am also a lifetime cyclist and one of those like many millions before me, that don't moan and don't demand anything and I ride a nice upright sedate type of bike, as is common on the continent and as opposed to the lycra spandex racing style of the avid cyclist's lobby behind these stories.

I always feel that, when such articles are published, or more demands are made by cyclists, we should point out that unlike motor transport where society would literally collapse without it, the same isn't true about cycling. In fact, in reality, there are only two road user modes we must have and sustain; walkers and drivers. The rest are an unnecessary liability and hazard for crucial infrastructure.

It doesn't seem to occur to anyone that cyclists don't need to do it and nobody would miss them much if they didn't. So before encouraging people to be in roads at all, we should ask do we need it and must we have it? It's a fair question.

But amazingly this is being promoted by the DfT who seem to be quite happy about hampering and curtailing drivers. This is why Drivers' Union is urging drivers to keep nagging their MPs and getting a dedicated parliamentary driver's group too..   

  See how the Government are behind this nonsense.


  1. First off, let me just say that I took the liberty to do some background research on you a short time ago, many of the things you claim to have been, are public records, which means they can be accessed by anyone, one such thing, is the managers for the England boxers, was I able to find you mentioned anywhere? No, which made me question your other claims, all of the ones that are public records, I looked into but each one turned up blanks, secondly, if you were an officer of the law or even a member of MENSA, you would know that you don't prosecute an accident, you don't even prosecute those responsible as you would have only been an officer it is the JUDGE AND JURY who carry out the prosecution, thirdly, there is no such thing called "The Royal Humane Society Award for resuscitation in life threatening circumstances", there IS however, a Resuscitation CERTIFICATE, in which the only requirements to receive it is for you to not be a trained medical staff member and that you resuscitate someone who was seemingly dead, through either mouth to mouth, chest compressions or a combination of the 2, fourth, for a "Advance police driver and motorcyclist" you seem to have a VERY poor grasp of the law and rules that you would in theory KNOW, the one about keeping left is telling you to keep to the left most LANE for the direction you want to go, NOT to keep as far left as possible and then cut across to the right at the last second, the advice being published is NOT to impede or obstruct others, it's about putting safety before all else and as a final note, most people who drive a car, are NOT required to drive said car, they often drive 5 miles or LESS for getting to work, a distance that is incredibly EASY to walk or cycle in, infact, during rush hour, cycling is the FASTEST way to get around, especially in the cities and perpeptually true in London, if all those people driving a short distance to work left their cars at home for the day, you would find that traffic flow would GREATLY improve, the only motorists we REQUIRE on the roads, are those who drive as part of their job which includes everything from council workers who clean the streets, public transport drivers, emergency services and haulage drivers, other than that, we only need those who drive long distances for work, such as a friend of mine who gets called up to operate tower cranes where he has to travel to the location which be anywhere from his hometown on the south coast, or all the way up into the highlands, using his own transport but all the others who just drive around aimlessly or only drive a short distance(apart from those who drive due to limited mobility and such) are NOT required, they have ALSO found that cars are actually REDUCING our life expectancies due to toxic and carcinogenic particulates in the exhaust gases, what DID increase life expectancy, was newer and better health care and being ACTIVE, sitting in a car is NOT being active, it stops your heart from getting exercise which then puts strain on it when you do get your heart rate up and will lead to heart attacks, anyway, what I'm saying is, cycling is needed just as much walking, it puts LESS strain on the infrastructure, reduces the amount of road wear which improves the life of a road, reduces traffic and so aleviates congestion which also helps decrease the stress levels of people, cycling is a GOOD thing, embrace it.

    This is the third time I have tried posting this comment.

    Sincerely your friend,
    Soton Droid.

  2. I was awarded the Royal Humane Society Award for resuscitating a man who had attempted suicide by means of removing a plug from a six inch gas main in the basement of an office block and which by that time the whole block was full of gas and a massive bomb. I had got him out of that deep basement and at great risk. The award was presented to me at a special ceremony at the Mansion House by the Lord Mayor of London, Lord Mayes. Each has its own citation and mine acknowledges the life threatening circumstances As it happens I also received a commendation for getting people from a blazing flat and keeping it under control until the fire service arrived. Now why try to pick holes in me personally? I am never personal so any chance of an apology?

    I served on all London levels of what was then the ABA from SW Division. London Council and up to National Council, and during that time managed and England Team against Canada at the Cafe Royal. You better ask the ABA again then apologise for that too

    I use the term prosecutor as, prior to the CPS we took out our own prosecutions and represented the police as prosecuting council at the lower courts. I often was in opposition to barristers and often beat them in court by obtaining convictions.Any chance of an apology as you clearly don't know as much as you thought you did?

    I do not suggest driving is healthy other than without driving we would all die from lack of basics and that is correct. However there are much better and safer ways to get exercise than cycling. Already, on the 14th Day of 2015 there are already 10 dead cyclists.

    Please tell me where you got the information that keeping to the left was talking about lanes? It means do not obstruct other traffic by sitting in the middle of the road. Why assume lanes? Most roads don't have lanes. But why cycle two abreast, especially if faster traffic is being held up? It's selfish. Are you suggesting that cyclists can do and say what they like without opposition? And that any opposition invites your type of diatribe?

    It doesn't matter if it's 5 miles or half a mile. It's about load, speed. time, distance.and purpose. People pay £50,000,000,000 in driver taxes alone, as well as insurance and repairs and capital sum. Who are you to say they must cycle or walk? By all means cycle if you must but at least be thankful for the drivers who keep your miserable little life going.

    This was the first notification of this post and I have published it OK?

    Now that is your last.

  3. What would cycling to the left on a narrow road achieve? Drivers would still not be able to pass, therefore it makes no difference if they are cycling to the left or in the middle of the lane!

  4. So on a narrow road, being in the middle of it with oncoming traffic isn't more dangerous than being well to the left? And if it's that busy, best to get off and push the bike facing oncoming traffic. Better yet. Don't cycle at all under such circumstances. No-one needs you to do it.

    1. I said middle of the lane, not road. Oh and it also means that they'll be at least a doors width away from parked cars ;)

    2. We are discussing why dooring happens and how to avoid it. There would be no issue if cyclists are leaving enough space as they tell drivers to do. Of course this can then throw up dangers for them if nearer the middle of the road too. Yes cycling is very dangerous in busy areas now.

  5. "The award was presented to me at a special ceremony at the Mansion House by the Lord Mayor of London, Lord Mayes."

    There has been no Lord Mayor of London by that name.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Replies
    1. See below. Apologies? But why attack me personally? How does that address the issues?

  7. Yes you are correct. It was Lord Alan Mais. 1972-1873 My mistake.

  8. Having proved all of my CV now, there is still no apology from Mike Andrews for implying it was fictitious and Spindthift is still calling me a liar although just a spelling mistake (Mayes for Mais), because I am querying a rule that advises people to use their own bodies to obstruct essential road users. Perhaps he should take that up with the DfT and The National Standards for Cycle Training. No worthwhile body would advise the obstruction of road users and the imposing of speed on other road users by using their bodies.

    Seems to me that TNSCT are more interested in imposing cycling on everyone than cyclist safety.