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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Oh no. Yet another road safety charity.

Read the story here.

How on earth can the community afford yet another road safety charity? There are countless of them. Yet death from all causes on the roads after 300 billion driver miles a year is less than from accidents in the home.

If that were not bad enough, road safety cannot be based on amateur emotionalism yet the media insist on citing these amateurs about a life and death issue. In this story, 'speeding' is being given as the cause of a fatal accident. Experts know that 'speeding' cannot actually affect anything so here is one example of how dangerous these charities are for road safety. Indirectly the sponsorship money would save more lives if in the NHS, rescue services, ambulance and police.


  1. I think educating the drivers since high school years is a good move towards minimizing road accidents.

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  2. Yes it is a good idea but who will pay for extra education and training and more to the point who will make money from it. Even the IAM are in it for the money. Why is road safety always about making money? But as I have pointed out, you are being led into addressing an agenda that's a non issue. Why not more training about home ownership since there is more accidental death going on there?

    It's all a Road Safety Industry con like the Emperor's new clothes.