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Monday, 5 January 2015

TfL no brainer green consultation.

In this consultation Tfl are enticing the public into very costly and counter productive emission policy. Like all polls and surveys they are set up as a no brainer questionnaire. Of course there's loads of vested interest such as lots of perfectly good scrapped vehicles and new technology to be sold. And let's just ignore the increased pollution, loss of energy from scrapping and producing replacement vehicles and not least the massive loss to the economy by doing it too, but hey ho!

Of course we love fresh air, but don't let's entirely overlook that the population lives longer because of road transport, or, to put it another way, most of us would die without it and that's very unhealthy isn't it?

I have done the survey and the only thing I have supported is restricting these ideas to the public transport vehicles since they are a major beneficiary of less and more restricted private vehicles.

These proposals do not acknowledge that life expectancy is increasing and without motor vehicles and drivers, London and people would die in large numbers. So in effect motoring is healthy yet policy is always based on an anti driver negative ideology. That is what is behind most policy nowadays. What will be the economic downside to these proposals and what will be the knock on effect on the community? 

Climate change? All of UK's total CO2 output is less than 2% of all man made CO2 of which all of UK's motor transport is about 0.7%  In any case C02 is an essential element and we are currently at an historic low when the planet was much lusher and vibrant at about 4 times this level. There is still no evidence that climate change is caused by mankind at all. It is worrying that TfL are including this as an object when it is so dishonest. 

Why not do the survey and vote against it? Even if you never drive in London, what they get away with other cities and towns will follow.

Take the survey Here

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