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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

12 March Amateurs and profiteers on anti driver bun fight..

Just look at this line up and you'll see it all. The profit from the fees for the conference, the amateurs, ideologists and profiteering vested interests. All here on one poster. Visionics makes and supplies speed cameras. So here we have a direct link with 20 zone campaigners feeding profiteers. More on visionics here

Then add to that all of your public officials, paid from your rates who will attend this bash at £125 + Vat and their wages too and you see why there is so much focus on road safety. It's one big bun fight at the cost of drivers and ratepayers.

And the platform will not include independent experts on road safety and driving.. 

Some of the speakers are in this group. Road safety fat cats.

Chris Boardman who makes and sells expensive bikes won't point out that the only road users society must have are drivers and walkers. See the cheek of Chis Boardman

No driving expert to point out that in those busy congested areas of adults and children, animals and cyclists, parked cars and crossings, they would prefer drivers driving through their windscreens and not worrying about a number on a pole. 

No expert to point out that without road motor traffic we would all be dead and there's nothing healthy in that at all.

No expert to say that instead of blanketing streets where accidents are not happening we should focus on the sites and streets where they are happening and correct the issue.

A classic of the amateur anti driver lobby with no CV in the subject having too much platform and sponsored by the profiteers and vested interests. 

I have written to my local authority to demand they send no-one to this.  Happy New Year Councillor,

Are you able to establish if any of our officials and police are slated to attend this expensive anti driver Bunfight? Speed Limit proposals organised by an anti driver group, with Cambridge City Council, sponsored by speed camera manufacturers and with established anti driver ideologists as speakers, but no independent road safety experts on the platform. 

I am sure we need the money for other things, such as road repairs etc.

Do enjoy this blog detailing the matter and the links too.

I do write as a Lincolnshire driver and ratepayer.


And it was successful. Both local police forces and councils have assured me no-one will be attending. 

Why not mail in to your local council & CC your local paper?

It's easy. Just look them up using This link or go to your council web site.

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