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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lincolnshire Safety Partnership can't stop themselves misleading the public it seems

Further to my previous Blog on them (Remind yourself here.) Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership have used this selective claim already, and yes when they did it then I reminded them that it isn't very honest.

In this Lincolnshire Echo story, someone has told the paper that the partnership was formed after there was 104 road fatals in Lincolnshire in 1999.

 Whilst it is true that there were 104 Lincolnshire road deaths in 1999, prior to the formation of the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, there were also 104 in 2003 after the partnership was formed too. In fact in 1993 there were only 76 fatals before the Partnership  but 84 in 2001 and 91 in 2002 after the Partnership as well.

What we must understand is that road use keeps 60 million people and all of Lincolnshire alive so any policy must be cost effective. 

We must not over regulate a major infrastructure in an effort to achieve impossible goals and then indirectly kill far more people.from the cost of an insatiable Road Safety Industry, flawed policy and selective information..

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