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Saturday, 31 January 2015

No. What costs lives Richard is amateurs and profiteers!

I must confess that Richard Madeley has never impressed me much but I have always been prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt until now. The Jury is back. Having exposed himself to the corrupt speed awareness course system of dubious legality - if you are reading this Richard See here & Here - He now is an expert driver and the font of all knowledge of road safety. And in road safety a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. In fact when someone like Richard uses his column to parrot false and selective statements people will die. Why? Because the Speeding Industry deflects from real accident causes and in so doing, actually kills more people.

Richard you're a journalist who happens to have been brainwashed by a profitable industry that told you fibs and didn't tell you the truth. As in religion, it is always the converts who are the worst, so it is with Richard Madeley but unlike religion this is about life and death. 

You have now used your column to bamboozle your whole readership on an issue for which you have no CV at all and based on what exactly? A sales pitch whereby two firms providing these courses in Wales alone, are managing to get through 6000 a month of them, earning them £300,000 a month? No vested interest to brainwash you there then Richard? Part of your instructor's CV is 'I'm in it for the money' and another part is 'If I told the truth, I would be out of a job'. I bet he or she wasn't even an expert driver either.

Do you really think these profiteers want 'speeding' to stop so that they can fold up their firms, all look for other jobs to do? Of course not. So we now have a system that must have 'speeders' to continue. So there's no incentive to correct high volume enticement sites then.  
Richard confirms what we all know. 'I suppose I hadn't seen the signs but that's no excuse' Yes it is Richard. But you won't know about speed enticement sites. & Why speeding happens 

Did you enquire how many other accidental speeders were caught there? When a site generates lots of speeders without attending accidents Richard, it implies a site fault, possibly an inappropriate speed limit.

If these were accidents, would the police just keep snapping them or find out why it's happening and correct it? So why is your prosecution and that of many others, just allowed to continue if it's not just about the money? 

Clearly such sites are a failure if the object is to slow drivers down anyway isn't it? I assume you were driving safely Richard? If so then you prove my point. 

You are a smart bloke aren't you Richard so why are you not like me asking pertinent questions about all this? You see for this to be justified, all speeding must be considered deliberate disobedience. Was yours? If not, then it is definitely a site issue then. 

You then regurgitate the ministry of guesswork numbers fed to you as if a fact. 'Hit a pedestrian at 20 MPH yada yada Hit one at 30MPH yada yada.....' This is all theory and modelling and not fact. There would have had to have been many collisions at exactly 20 & exactly 30 to be able to say that, and measuring isn't that precise; so they're made up numbers Richard and you have cited them as fact. 

Of course the slower everything goes the less damage is done, the classic 6th former's simplistic rhetoric, but when you over-slow major infrastructure many die from the knock on economic effect of about £3 billion per each one mile per hour too slow. Using this argument let's bring out the man with the red flag again. Or better yet have zero speed so all of us die from lack of basics Richard!  

So now, given that your offence was just 'speeding', what didn't the course tell you about it?

  • Even the law-there's no such thing as causing death by 'speeding' Richard-acknowledges that 'speeding' causes nothing?
  • Accidents, as in the ones you cited, if not caused by other reasons were caused by driving too fast, at any speed and are mostly below the limits. This 'parade of horrors' as you call them had certainly not been caused by 'speeding'? Don't believe me? Check them out.  
  • The camera, that got you onto this money making scam, cannot see one single accident cause?
  • Who set the speed limit that got you there and how do you know it is appropriate? Had you asked your instructor that question he couldn't tell you. So they point their camera but don't know why? Here Richard there's loads more on speed limits  you weren't told too. 
So are you a man to confess to your readers that you really didn't know your subject and were simply parroting the words of profiteers? Well you were you know. 

We depend on people like you to expose and condemn corruption and unfair profiteering not applaud and commend it.

What cost's lives is well meaning amateurs parroting profiteers Richard.

Now we have another journalist,
Julie Cush of BBC Newcastle doing it. See it here. And most of the flannel spoken by this vested interest wage earner had not a thing to do with not complying to an arbitrary number on a pole did it Julie? We depend on journalists to spot these things and challenge them. 

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  1. So, in '94 Mr Madely was acquitted on theft charges because "he forgot". Would he have been so pro-enforcement if offered a "property awareness seminar" rather than a court hearing and potential prosecution?