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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

I don't want to seem mean but.......

I think I have it right but don't charity fundraisers only do things that are a pastime, hobby, extraordinary and certainly not essential, to raise money for good causes? No-one does a train driving run, or plane flying charity flight or mass car drive for charity do they? 

But this biking charity story has several interesting facets all in one place. Ok cycling for charity seems quite common so doesn't that indicate that cycling really isn't more than a hobby or pastime that we can live without? Certainly we really don't need unnecessary use of the carriageway, even for charity runs. It is an impediment and liability on essential infrastructure. Surely charity fundraising shouldn't be allowed to do that? After all why not try cycling along railway lines or up an down an airport runway and see how far your charity stunt would get?   

But what has prompted this very controversial post is that for Kevin Mashford 
Kevin Mashford

 to live, a cyclist had to die. Well that's not really true, someone had to die and in this case, it was a keen cyclist. Jonathan Osborne was killed riding his bike. 

What on earth is Jon's heart thinking now that its new owner has taken up the very thing that killed its old owner? Certainly, in this case, cycling has till now proved healthy for Kevin so why tempt fate and do something that proved so decidedly unhealthy for Jonathan? Aren't there any other safer ways to keep fit or to raise money for charity? See UK cycling death 2015

As if Jon's death were not enough, Kevin is to encourage others to follow Jon, celebrate his life and his death by......doing the same thing that killed him! And while they do it, essential road transport will be hampered, and made even more hazardous too.

A crazy world. 

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