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Friday, 6 February 2015

Don't let the road safety industry get us worried.

The (Insatiable) Road Safety Industry, in always wanting more, are making much of the increase in road death since 2013, an all time low, as if we can always expect road accidents to decline. See them in all its glory here 

In fact a large part of trying to saddle us with driver-less cars is on the basis of less accidents. The real reason is far more insidious which is basically a green plan to control what we do more and get us all returning to the dark ages of manpower only transport whereby only the rich could afford anything else. See prols can walk or cycle.   Why one earth do we imagine that cycling is being promoted and pushed onto us at great expense as it is now?

Here PACTS more on them here are at it again with this graph showing that the drop in road death has stalled since 2010.

What we never hear is that, unlike cyclists, drivers keep all sixty million of us alive and so road death has to be taken in that context. In fact, if we over-do road safety, the economics of bad policy could kill far more off the road than on it. And yes, some-one has to say it, we could be killing too few people on the roads already. 

I find it very suspicious that, although we could save more lives by acknowledging we are in the 21st Century and removing unnecessary road users, as we do for Railway lines & airport runways but instead greenly promote the opposite and refuse to focus more on real accident causes too, all this hand wringing is going on at all. Why does road safety need to be so anti driver? It wouldn't be lefty greeny otherwise; that's why! 

To follow the logic of The Green Road Safety Industry, we should stop all driving and have road safety Nirvanna but then kill far more than we are saving on the road. So you see where driver-less cars are fitting into the equation now. See the mass cull of driverless 

So don't let's let the alarmists make life even harder for drivers in this election year. Get your candidate to pledge support for genuine road safety and thus drivers.  Is your politician on your side?

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