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Saturday, 28 February 2015

Dooring incidents

In this story about a cycling 'dooring' fatal The advice is to vehicle drivers and passengers to be more aware of cyclists when opening doors.

But surely the answer is simple?

Drivers are told to give 'at least a car's width' or '3 feet clearance when passing cyclists' See how we address this here.

But it's the cyclist's primary responsibility to protect themselves first isn't it? So why no similar rule for them? If a door is stationary during a collision with it, then all injury is due to the speed of the cyclist isn't it? So we appeal to fast cyclists to give at least a doors width when passing stationary vehicles or slow down if needing to pass too closely to stationary vehicles. A  pretty obvious precaution isn't it? 

Why is it that cyclists don't see the same rules applying to them when they pass other road users as they demand from drivers?

1 comment:

  1. I always ride uot wide form cars when passing by. I hit door of random car bang going duwn Sydanhum road in south londun last yaer. It was my fult realy and now go wide always becouse is much safer. I smashad my arm bad and was off wurk for 2 week.