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Thursday, 12 February 2015

DfT promotes BRAKE nonsense against drivers.

We have already noted the anti driver and dangerous road safety amateurs who are awarded honours for their work against essential infrastructure and drivers. We've even managed to expose a direct link between twenty limit campaigner Rod King's MBE and the DfT. More on that here. But now we have the DfT re-tweeting Brake
 and their predictable anti road safety anti driver rubbish on the issue of driver-less cars. 

But also predictable, on his blog, Edmund King,
Edmund King
 of the AA, sees only good about driver-less cars too. See here Well we have already established that King is no friend of the driver- he recently urged to Parliament that drivers are prosecuted much more-  See it here.  In his blog he says:
'Clearly driverless’ car technology - depending on the extent of the automation - offers major benefits for making driving safer, easier and more efficient.'

But the premise on which all this is based is that private cars are not needed as an essential part of road transport infrastructure. That, without private cars, everything would run very well and  probably better.

I have had enough dialogue from the anti driver brigade to confirm that their target is the private driver. They cannot accept that all transport, and commerce is now totally dependent on private car ownership and use. That our society has been built and expanded on the basis of private road transport use. 

For their dangerous dreams to even be considered, we would need a mass shift of population to central hubs and a massive cull too. See here.  The UK driver is sustaining some 65 million people and covering some 300 billion driver miles to do so. How on earth are we to manage that with driver-less cars now?

In her comments Claire Perry MP
Claire Perry
 implies that driver-less cars will be available to all, including people who cannot drive. See  So that means even more cars on the road doesn't it? So who is kidding who? 

But the biggest dishonesty being employed by such as Edmund King, BRAKE and DfT is that the current system is unsafe. 300 billion miles a year in the UK and less death on the road from all causes than from accidents in the home is the reality. So on the contrary drivers are keeping all 65 million of us alive. Now, apart from the green anti people people, who doesn't like that idea?  

Driver-less cars will not be able to do the mileage and speeds essential to maintain us all and the economy too. So it's a question of breaking a status quo that doesn't need fixing.

Why is the DfT not promoting drivers and thus our society? We must take the time to write to our MPs and get them to find the answer to that one. 

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