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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Uncle Tom, Cobley and All Tv Debates.

Is Sky News patriotic and for the UK or just Sky News?

We are not having a two man presidential election but electing a whole government and Parliament. Your debates in 2010 caused a coalition by elevating one man, Nick Clegg. Is that good for the UK? Coalition? Fractured government?

We should all applaud David Cameron for trying to kill a repeat of that charade on whatever pretext. 

Who stands out from this bunch? The one who's missing and understands that we are a parliamentary system and not a presidential one. So let's re-wind. See below.

With the furor'e surrounding David Cameron's intransigence towards live TV debates between the party leaders, it's easy to forget that, because of Gordon Brown's decision to give credence to the debates as the incumbent at the last elections, this country has been saddled with a coalition and fragmented hamstrung government for the last five years.

Mssrs Clegg, Farage and Miliband are now dishonestly telling the British people that it is their right to have these televised leader debates and in doing so, are accusing David Cameron of running scared and dictating to TV companies. Since when was it the right of TV moguls to dictate the process of a National Election and its terms? As a result of Brown caving in to them in 2010, we finished up with a Sky TV Government. Do we really want another coalition? 

It is not a constitutional right that party leaders must take part in any TV debate at all. On the contrary, in The United Kingdom it is unconstitutional. That is because, unlike an American Presidential Election, we are not electing one man of two but a whole government and Parliament. Now either Clegg, Farage and Miliband understand that but for their own ends are abandoning our parliamentary system or worse, like many candidates, they simply don't understand the very system they are seeking to be part of..

If we are to decide general elections on the basis of a few individuals taking part in a TV debate, why not just drop all the rest of the candidates, their local branches, and all their constituency door knockers and so save us all a lot of time and money? 

Any true Parliamentarian, with an understanding of our system, would wish to put it before the aspirations of TV companies. I am afraid that, so far, Clegg, Miliband and Farage are failing us all for their own advantage and that of TV shareholders. It's about time these politicians put Parliament first while seeking election to it. There is no place for these debates during a General Election and so I won't vote for any party that patronises them. 

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