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Friday, 16 January 2015

Classic Guardian cycling nonsense.

I have addressed a dishonest four of his 8 responses. 

1. So you don't pay registration to ride a bike on the road then. And you don't pay £50 billion in driver taxes to cycle. If you drive, you pay it only as a driver to drive.

2 Cyclists with head cams are already in the vigilante game but pro rata, with 32 million drivers doing 300 billion miles a year, far more cyclists are breaking the law more frequently

3 Putting one's body on two flimsy wheels on a slender frame in the middle of essential infrastructure is screaming out for insurance to a sensible person.

8 There are only two classes of road user that society must have to survive and sustain and that's walkers and drivers. It really doesn't need any other hazard, liability and impediment. Roads are infrastructure for vital machines. We need to re-think what we must have on roads in 2015. There are already 12 dead UK cyclists this year. Was their ride so important? 

I'm off to get my tin hat :-))

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