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Tuesday, 19 May 2015

£4k a day speed camera? It's bad policing!

In this story we hear of a Bristol speed camera that generates a massive £4000 a day and clocked 1912 offenders between February 11th and March 31st this year.
No one can justify the high speeds measured at this site under any circumstances- like 73MPH in a 30 zone- outside a school. 43MPH above the limit is dangerous driving and nothing less. 

I think that in saying that 'speed doesn't cause accidents' Mr Bladon is confused as it is 'speeding' that doesn't cause accidents and that is a different issue.

If there were no 'speed' then of course there would be no road accidents at all so speed is a factor in all moving accidents, including walking into a telegraph pole. 

It does concern me when a limit isn't working and that it's generating a high amount of speeders though. It's really no good police just taking the money and yet not finding out what's going wrong. If these were accidents would the police just take pictures or find out why it's happening and correct it? They can only reconcile their policy on the premise that all speeding is deliberate disobedience yet there is no basis to conclude that so many drivers are deliberate offenders.

Our studies do show that most speeding is unintentional and induced by an enticing road layout or a flawed speed limit. If the object is a successful speed limit then these high numbers are showing that the limit is failing badly; just taking pictures of it failing and prosecuting drivers clearly isn't addressing the problem there.

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