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Saturday, 9 May 2015

The left liberal green lose the election.

It would be a great disservice to the UK if we didn't heed the message from the totally unexpected result of the 2015 Parliamentary elections. 

To come from behind, and that is where the coalition Conservative Party was prior to the election, to take an over all majority was an astounding achievement by the Conservatives. But add to that the achievement of UKIP to achieve third place in share of votes too. I have no doubts that it was, in large, UKIP's votes that wiped out the Lib Dems and held Labour votes back too. 

In many constituencies UKIP
were the second party.

 Labour are now looking again at their approach and seem to be concluding that their demise was due to being too far to the Left

 Likewise The Greens, although picking up vote share, could hardly claim to be breaking ground with an average of about 1200 votes per constituency, whilst its high profile leader came nowhere.

As for SNP, well why wouldn't Scots vote for an all scottish party in their own interests? It's a no brainer.

So what did really happen in England & Wales? 

The left wing, green liberal metropolitan elite got battered that's what.   

I kept telling parties to major UK's 32 million drivers in their manifestos. None did so. Perhaps had UKIP added drivers to their core focus points, who knows how much better they would've done.

Clearly the indications are that, if left wing, green, policy isn't that popular, then pro driver policy would be.  

Is there a lesson to be learned here?

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