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Monday, 25 May 2015

Now two reports that prove road policy is based on anti driver ideology.

When I blogged about Dr Rachel Aldred's report to the disadvantage of drivers, (Do read it here.) I knew that I had exposed the subjective and anti driver ideology running Westminster and roads policy. 

Now I have come across this 2011 report, commissioned by the RAC Foundation, by yet another London Doctor, whose degrees are in geography. Dr Sally Cairns  yes another academic,  who was assisted by DfT officials by the way, and is about how we have too many private cars and if we didn't, we wouldn't need so much private land to park them. 'It's inefficient land use' the report suggests. (You can read more about that here)
It has occurred to me that what has replaced Communism is actually green ideology and that can be found at all levels in our civil service, local and central. It would certainly explain the extraordinary focus on drivers and especially the private owner drivers. How more Communist can you get but to talk of car sharing, car clubs, more public transport use,  cycling and walking instead of car ownership and be jealous of land ownership and use too?   

We have already made the link with DfT officials and Rod King's 20s Plenty MBE. See the smoking gun here.  

How much more evidence is needed before we start rooting out these idealists from our government and left leaning, green, roads charities who pretend that their real interest is road safety? A few of them can be seen here 

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