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Friday, 26 June 2015

Mystery. Who took down the post about North Yorks Police?

Well I didn't imagine it. There definitely was a post under the URL and indeed even a Bitly Link too. 

The story was about North Yorks Police using bereaved to promote false statements on an accident and speeding and it's disappeared?

The police know that 'Speeding' cannot cause anything. Dangerous driving does.

Gary's step daughter wasn't killed by speeding but dangerous driving.

Isn't it appalling when police use bereaved to promote their propaganda and worse, in doing so, ignore real accident causes too? In effect using Gary's step daughter, to promote profitable policy which fails to focus on real accident causes and so creates more sad cases like Gary bless him.  

Who is the official now so angry about me politely and patiently raising these truth's he is dismissing them as: 'Vexatious, oppressive, and an abuse' Is that because this goes to the very core of a multi million pound Speeding Industry? See the facts here.

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